St. Luke Guild

of the Catholic Fine Arts Council

Thank you for your interest in joining the St. Luke Guild, the guild for artists. St. Luke is credited as a painter of many images of Jesus and Mary and is the patron saint of artists. Members of this guild are interested in supporting opportunities to further our understanding of art in Catholic tradition and to use their gifts for the glory of God. This guild is of particular interest to Catholic painters, sculptors and weavers.

Catholic Fine Arts Council member Julie Flanagan is the facilitator of the St. Luke Guild. Lesle Knop, Executive Director of Stewardship and Development, is an ex officio facilitator. The facilitators welcome your suggestions for educational activities, group events and calendar items.

Members of the St. Luke Guild will be invited to occasional meetings and events of interest to the group.   Please sign in below to join.

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Art is meant to bring the divine to the human world, to the level of the senses, then, from the spiritual insight gained through the senses and the stirring of the emotions, to raise the human world to God, to his inexpressible kingdom of mystery, beauty, and life.
Art and the Sacred
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops