St. Bede Guild

of the Catholic Fine Arts Council

Thank you for your interest in joining the St. Bede Guild, the guild for writers and historians who are interested in supporting opportunities to further our understanding of the written word in Catholic tradition and education. This guild is of particular interest to Catholic writers and teachers. St. Bede Guild's facilitators and members lead the way in formation, articulate the theology and philosophy of beauty, assist the council with ongoing evaluation and projects that need writers and educators.

Catholic Fine Arts Council member Kirsten Milliard is the facilitator. Lesle Knop, Executive Director of Stewardship and Development, is an ex officio facilitator.

Members of the St. Bede Guild may be invited to occasional meetings and events of interest to the group. Please sign in below to join.

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The central image of Christianity is the cross, calling to mind the passion, resurrection, and Christ's final coming in glory.  Every work of Christian art or architecture shares in this image and embraces the ambiguities of suffering and death, healing and resurrection, recognizing that "by his wounds we are healed."
Art and the Sacred
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops